Monday, February 25, 2013


From the author of Emma, Otoyomegatari(Bride's Story) is another manga that is added to my reading list recently. While i rarely read shoujo manga, Otoyomegatari is quite interesting to read due to its historical setting in antiquated era of middle east which is a rarity for manga. Taking place in 19th Century on Central Asia era nearing Crimean War, Otoyomegatari is about the slice of life of 12 years old boy with 20 years old girl as a married couple along with a pinch of Middle-east culture slideshow. Despite their huge gap difference the young couple tried their best to love each other and face the ordeals together. The strongest point of the manga would be the drawing which is beautiful and more vibrant compared to Emma and story is still going interesting though the chapters are going rather slowly. If you like Emma probably you will like this as this manga got the same feeling with the series save for the setting.

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