Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters, Ongoing thoughts

  I have considered to share my thoughts about Gundam Build Fighers when it finished as usual with other anime but i will just do it now before any possibility of disappointment when the series ends which i hope it won't. I would say this is one of the recent gundam anime that made me smile(and giggle abit) especially with the episode 15 which is the best episode yet. Gundam Build Fighters feel like Danball Senki in terms of story structure considering it is aimed to the young audiences but unlike Age i think Sunrise pull it off properly this time by not alienating the older fans because the more you have seen previous gundam series, the more satisfied you will be as Build Fighters pays homage to all previous series(except Age). I still feel that Build Fighters could help some more G Gundam which would make Build Fighters even more awesome but so far the series is still good. It really feels that the team who animate the series have good passion in mecha or gundam at least considering Obari also joining in which makes the impression "from the fan to the fan". As for characters i like Kawaguchi, Fellini and Dallara who are just awesome as they shown some passion in the fight and does not rely on too many gimmicks with their gunpla. Never like Nils and Iori/Reiji because they the opposite of the characters that i find likable considering these characters are aimed for young audience as self-insert. As long as Build Fighters does not get way over the top i think it will be really enjoyable series for the Older fan and while i am not a big fan of Wing Gundam, i will get MG Wing Fenice which is likely considering Bandai is churning out Build Fighters MG model which Fenice should get one due to the popularity.

If you could pilot your gunpla like in the Build fighters, which model would you like to use? i would be using High Mobility Gyan or Marasai with beam naginata and Zeta gundam i have to pick a gendum

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  1. Gundam fan knocking here supporting your thoughts. I like watching Gundam Build Fighters too for its parody and expression of Gunpla builders thoughts.