Monday, January 6, 2014

S--CRY-ED, Hotblooded anime is hotblooded

In order to wash off my bad aftertaste from Valvrave, i give a watch another anime title made by Sunrise back in early 2000s called s-CRY-ed which turns out to be a fun ride. The story is typical shonen but i never expect Hirai sameface works fine for the series and my opinion to Soichiro Hoshi become much better after finishing the anime. Storyline is quite simple, after great disaster in Japan ,some people got special powers called alters which similar to Jojo's stand. Shortly after the phenomenon, the people with special power divided into 2 groups, one sided with government and other one does not serve anyone which the plot of the series revolves around the rivalry of 2 Alter users from opposing sides. The main appeal of the series is the rivalry of the 2 main characters which is just full of hotblood and manliness. Never expected Soichiro Hoshi can tag along with Hikaru Midorikawa really well, at first i thought Hoshi can only play characters like Kira Yamato but with his role as Kazuma, i respect him even more. The main villain of s-CRY-ed is well written one, for a shonen series a good villain is someone that can make you absolutely hate his guts and s-CRY-ed have one. If you ever want some anime that makes you feels manly afterwards go watch this series and you won't

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