Sunday, January 5, 2014

Non Scale ARX-8 Laevatein

I have been predicting Laevatein would get a kit eventually after Gernsback and Arbalest got one from Aoshima but never expect that Kotobukiya would be the one that release it. The kit will be released on March this year with 5500 yen price tag. The sample looks gorgeous but from the accessories that i see, i think the kit doesn't have all of its armament from the series but it still comes with its signature howitzer that can one shot Behemoths along with shotgun and knee blades. Laevateinn is Sousuke's ultimate arm slave which is named after Surt's legendary fiery sword which got more powerful Lambda Drive that are enable it to fire the Howitzer without recoil which could have wrecked the Arm Slave normally. I will keep my finger crossed on this kit if it ever got the final loadout set somedya which have Laevatein armed to the the teeth and still wonder if Laevatein will be granted an appearance in SRW?


  1. I will wait for the Metal Build release of this bad boy. Since SRW Z3 will also be split in two games and Full Metal Panic! will be included, I think there is a good chance they will include all the content of the novels, maybe in the second part of the game, meaning the ARX-8 might finally make a debut.

    1. I really hope it would be that way since i liked FMP units back in W and J. Z3 would be stale if they only keep using the anime material over and over again