Saturday, August 30, 2014


If Phoenix Wright and Umineko have a lovechild, you get Danganronpa! I picked this up on PSP on recommendation of a friend and i can see how it got some kind of popularity. The story of Danganronpa is about 15 High School Students from Elite school trying to survive sinister from a bear called plot named Monokuma. The main theme about Danganronpa is all about despair and what makes this series unique is that the portrayal of grimdark stuff in this game is rather colorful, wacky and over the top at the same time. The core gameplay of Danganronpa resembles Phoenix Wright with 3D map to explore and the trial got some more variation. The game also include mechanism called "Free Time" where you can spend sometime with other classmates like Social Link to acquire skills helpful for the trial. Overall the mystery element of the game is mediocre but still enjoyable as at the end of the game, you will find the plot twist quite predictable. I will look forward to the second Danganronpa which i will get it for my Vita whenever available since i am quite curious with the continuation as the series got cliffhanger ending in the end.


  1. I watched this anime like 3/4 and lost interest thereafter. The bear is pretty iconic and kind of sadist..

  2. Well the anime is terrible from what i heard so usually you should go for the the game for this kind of genre