Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SPT Blue Comet Layzner

Another Takahashi's work that i finished watching! which left Galient and FLAG to go. I had big hopes about this series mainly due to awesome OP but it turns out Layzner is one of the worse Ryosuke Takahashi's work which even doesn't escape from his penchant of Mysticism. I get to know Layzner first from Another Century Episodes 2 though got better exposure from it through SRW J. The story of SPT Blue Comet Layzner is basically about a half Earth boy trying to save Earth from his Alien race by piloting a experimental Robot called Layzner which turned into Hokuto no Ken by the second half. I believe Layzner introduce couple of new elements which inspired later Mecha series from being one of the first mecha series that got a pacifist type protagonist, having Mars as a background of the series and Mecha with sentient AI.

What makes Layzner being one of the worse Takahashi's work is the pacing of the first arc and second half is way too different where the former is rather slow while the later just erratic. The second arc is just plainly uninspirational even though it has awesome main antagonist and you can just trace their elements from Hokuto no Ken. To make it even worse the second half is just butchered halfway which made a what would have been mediocre anime series to terrible one. Lastly i really feel the romance feels too forced in the series because the love interest of the main protagonist is just plainly shoved out of nowhere. Nevertheless Layzner got some of the better mecha design from Kunio Okawara and definitely it does inspire the future anime series. I really feel that Layzner could have been better if it got proper planning and the background were expanded instead of having generic Aliens invading Earth with superior tech trope. If i had some luck i would love to get the Robot Damashii Layzner MK II

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  1. Saw the preorder pics of Robot Damashii Layzner MK II. It's transformable I think. Due to the pricing and commitment to other toys. It drew me away..