Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ragnarok the Animation

One of the weekly anime that i watched back in middle school when Ragnarok Online was really popular at the time and it was the only consolation for me since i can't play the PC game for some reason. I marathoned this series recently and find out surprisingly that i didn't miss any single episodes back then. While it is far from good Ragnarok Animation is quite memorable for me since it is decent RPG adventure anime. But i do find half of the main characters are annoying especially Yufa and Maya. From what i know the gaming fanbase hate this series for some reason but i guess because some of the stuff in the anime are unrealistic when compared to the game like beating MVPs with 1st class job. In the end i would say the anime could have been better if it has stronger relation with the game.

Since i got plenty of time during weekend in Beijing, over past few weeks i played RO on Private Server which i can say the game mechanics has aged already. I used Mage character which just become Sage which i really like because it is very versatile for me even though it is not powerhouse. My impression of RO as a game is that the Game is just overly reliant on equipments just like Ragnarok Odyssey. While i am expecting the game is Grindfest since it is MMORPG, the effort is just way too much especially if you are farming for the cards which is for me 10 times worst than getting the rarest drop in MH. Also i find the PC Game are not particularly creative after Yuno Chapter as the locations and monsters are just very uninspired. Nevertheless i will just play the game for the sake of making up the lost time which at the moment i am just burning those undeads in Glast Heim with my Firewalls!  

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