Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Non Scale Cybuster Possesion form kit

Since Masoukishin 2, i have been expecting Possesion form of Cybuster to get a kit eventually and few while ago in some Japanese Hobby show my expectation hits the target once again! There is no apparent release date or pricing yet but judging from the size i think it will cost at least as expensive as Neo Granzon or even more which probably will be around 10k Yen. Considering the 1/144 regular version of Cybuster alone was 7800 Yen which i had one. I hoped other Masoukishin will get a model eventually in particular Granveil and i recalled even Jaohm got a Garage Kit. However with how the last Masoukishin game turns out i think the chances are bleaker. I didn't play the 4th one but i heard it was disappointing which was kinda expected since Pride of Justice was terrible already, it seems either Winkysoft doesn't have the capacity to continue the series or Banpresto forced them to tie the series up. Nevertheless how the series turns out, i still recommend to play the first Masoukishin because the charm of the series was in that game and Masoukishin got the best version of Cybuster's theme.

You can see the possesion form of other Masoukishin here from my review of PoJ

and this was my review of 1/144 Cybuster

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