Friday, October 31, 2014

Starting watching Gundam Build Fighters Try

Slightly late watching the series but it seems like it is going to be a fun ride just like the previous Gundam Build Fighters. Just now i caught up the series until the 4th episode and i would say i am really hyped with Gundam Build Fighters Try. GBF is a good medium for Bandai to have all Gundam series have appearances without worrying too much about messing up canon storyline and appease avid Gundam fans at the same time. While it is still over the top like previous GBF i can still stomach it up considering the mecha actions are still really good. GBF doesn't do enough justice with G Gundam series but now Try will make up for it and i will look forward the time when the protagonist will shout  俺のこの手が真っ赤に燃える!and hopefully some Domon cameo will show up. I am not too interested with how the series with end up but i think GBF Try will be enjoyable ride as long as Bandai keep the focus of the series toward new and old fans balanced.

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