Saturday, June 11, 2016

Artfx 1/8 Shinguji Sakura

 Ever since the Good Smile Company version of the Shinguji Sakura, i don't we have got any proper full fledged figure for Sakura Taisen series. On the recent Wonderfest, Kotobukiya revealed the prototype for new Sakura Taisen figure which predictably the main heroine herself, Shinguji Sakura. And a while ago we finally got to see the finished version of the figurine which is just plain gorgeous. The figure is slated for October this year with hefty price tag of 13800 Yen as a part of 20th Anniversary of Sakura Taisen Series. While i really want this figure as my  part of collection, the price is just out of my budget for figurine and i guess i will wait for other company to make Sakura Taisen figurine with more reasonable price range.

This figurine version of Shinguji Sakura holding a veil is based on the Sakura Taisen IV Opening which the game considered by some fans as the finale of the series. Sakura Taisen was really big series back in late 90s in Japan with the music and the heroines of the series particularly stands out for its high production value. Shinguji Sakura while not my most favorite heroine in the series is probably one of the best example of Yamato Nadeshiko in Japanese anime and gaming culture though she is not the only one in the series. At the present the series doesn't show up too much except cameo appearance on Project x Zone but i guess a series reboot will require some new bloods as the casts from the series are in their late 40s and 50s by this time. I really wonder if the other Heroines of the series will follow up with their figures as well since Erica Fontaine deserves one at least.

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