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Yami's Top 5 Anime Male characters

 I think this is one of the few things that i could post earlier in this blog considering i watched enough anime to make the list. While i am able to mention more i guess five would make a solid list. Since this list is made by a mecha fan, the characters are all from mecha series. As a rule of thumb, in anime i really hate Betamax male cast the most as they ruin a mecha show for me with their indecisiveness and thats why i don't watch much the recent animes. Thus you will expect majority of the characters in this list to be Hotblooded. I like them considering when their characters are done right, they are capable of pulling awe-inspiring moments by overcoming extreme odds solely with their courage alone. In any case try your best to guess the characters included in this list!

5.Ryuusei Date

 On the fifth of this list is Ryuusei Date from SRW OG Saga. When i played the first SRW OG on GBA i picked Kyosuke but later become more fond of Ryuusei and appreciate his character as i played SRW OGs years later. The reason is simply that Ryuusei is pretty much the representation of mecha otakus and their passion for the genre. In fact getting to pilot Invincible Super Robot SRX while at the same time having Lolis chasing for him is like dream come true for mecha fans and Ryuusei just did it. Not to mention he is manly enough to back up his passion showing that you can be an Otaku without being a wuss.

4. Master Asia

 No doubt Master Asia is the manliest character in entire Gundam series and so far i don't think any characters from the recent Gundam series can take over the title. Domon Kasshu is very Hotblooded too but he owes his character through the guidance of Master Asia and for this reason it is not the former that made into the list. While Master Asia takes the role as antagonist in G Gundam, he still preserve his character and sense of his honor as a warrior and that's why i respect Master Asia so much. Until someone can destroy a Mobile Suit barehanded, i don't think anyone  from Gundam series can take over the position of Master Asia as the manliest character in the series. Those whiny gundam protagonists like Banana deserved to be slapped silly by Master Asia to put some sense into them though probably they don't deserve one in the first place.

3. Gai Shishioh

 Gai Shishioh is the sole reason why Gaogaigar outperforms all of the previous Brave series and probably the best anime role done by Nobuyuki Hiyama. All of the Brave series that i have watched have Courage and Friendship, but perhaps Gai's Courage exceed all of the previous Brave protagonists combined. What sets apart Gai with other manly characters is that with Hiyama's voice, Gai had some of the best Hotblooded scream in all mecha series which may makes you even grow a beard. But in the end what makes Gai took the third place in this list is because he shows us that he is capable of overcoming tremendous odds through his sheer courage alone. So go watch Gaogaigar, otherwise you will miss some of the best hotblooded moments in Anime history.

2. Ichiro Ogami

 Then in the second place of this list is the Captain of Hanagumi, Ichiro Ogami. When i played Sakura Taisen for the first time, i instantly liked Ichiro Ogami as character. While he is meant to be self-insert character and thus designed not to have much personality,  he ends up to be the better type of his kind. For a harem character setting, Ichiro Ogami is very manly and treats the girls like a gentleman putting his fellow stereotypes to shame with their betamax. While he may seem indecisive guy when it comes to romance, he is very determined and reliable when situation requires him to do so. Also he pretty much represents the Japanese ideal man  and making more than 10 girls chasing over him is by no means an easy feat

1. Yang Wenli

 And the character that takes the top position in the my list of best male anime character is Fleet Admiral Yang Wenli from Legend of Galactic Heroes! If you followed this blog from the past, you will know i am a big fan of LoGH which is a masterpiece with its perfect blend of political and war drama. Yang Wenli is perhaps the wisest character in anime history, putting other tryhard impersonators to shame. Having deep understanding of the world through his study in history, Yang display his wisdom for being able to see through the ruse of his opponent and even accurately predict the flow of history throughout the series. But the greatest part of his character is showing his visage of humanity through his unyielding faith to his ideal, refusing chance to seize power to stay true to himself. This is why Reinhard von Lohengramm, a great character on the same caliber with Yang didn't make to the list.

 Thus these are the male characters that made into my top 5 list, Anime is a great media for storytelling but most of the time the stories that use this medium end up to be wasted potentials. But at very least the medium allows these characters to show their best of their characters. In the future i may list the Top 5 female counterpart or perhaps the voice actors themselves.

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  1. Ryuusei is cool as I remember him admiring mecha at toy shop @ first episode and becoming a great pilot eventually.

    Next pilot with my knowledge is Master Asia. I like him better when he was pilot Neo Hong Kong Gundam. He simply badass ^_^