Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ys Seven Adol Christin Figurine Review

 It could be said that Ys series is quite an influential RPG series in japan but for some reason it didn't have much merchandise despite it deserved one and even Eiyuu Densetsu series got more love. Up until now there is no proper figure for Adol Christin and at best we got Gashapon tier figurine of him. It is such tragedy for a legendary hero like Adol didn't have proper figurine since Japan didn't bother to make a male figurine unless it is Fujoshi Bait. Surprisingly China beat Japan in the race of making figure for Adol as they made Ys Seven version of Adol Christin as a part of their release of Limited Edition of YS Seven game over there. Got myself one from Taobao for 40 RMB which is really cheap though recently it fetch rather expensive price recently. There's also SD figurine for Celceta version of Adol but it is rather pricey for non posable SD figurine. While it is not the best version of figurine, at least we get slightly more decent figurine for this beloved Red Haired Adventurer on par with Ufo Catcher tier.

 The Chinese version of Ys Seven Adol comes with a base and longsword along with the figurine which is pretty straightforward. In terms of Sculpt, the quality is surprisingly decent for the body though the face could have been better especially the eye part. In any case the figure is posed perfectly captured Adol's character, as Adol prepared to face any adversary fitting his character as legendary adventurer.

 To me Adol Christin is no ordinary Silent Protagonist, for some reason he got some charms that sets himself apart from his contemporaries. There are only handful characters that are starring in the game for decades and Adol is one of them. From his humble beginning along with some amazing music, throughout Ys series Adol keep pulling off amazing feats that makes him leaves a mark in the world of JRPG. For his achievements, Adol is easily the Paragon of Old School JRPG Hero as he is more than capable of fighting legions of creatures by himself.

 Too bad for you Lilia, looks like your attempt will be in vain since Feena is Adol's fated after all. Anyway if you are interested with this version of figurine you can try search Taobao with 亚特鲁 which is Adol's name in Chinese which for some reason is far off from the original pronounciation. I hope Falcom treated Ys more properly since Celceta is kinda a blunder with its treatment to Adol. But From what it looks like, Lacrimossa of Dana will be at least better compared to Celceta but still i look forward the series going back to the solo adventure of Adol one day.

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  1. Thanx for the recommendation! I really like to add this in my collection! The China made looks very decent : )