Friday, July 22, 2016

Mechatalk: Super Robot Wars and Char Part 2

 A while i ago i have discussed how SRW further explored the much beloved Gundam series Anti-Hero, Char Aznable. As Alpha series provided the final showdown befitting of the caliber of his character, This time i will discuss the exploration of his character done in SRW MX. While MX did not incorporate much of Universal Century Gundam in its storyline, it does provide an alternate take on Post-Zeta Gundam Char something that is not much explored in the Gundam series outside Gihrens Greed. You can look at the previous SRW and Char discussion here

 In SRW MX, the UC timeline gundam series follows the canon Zeta Gundam storyline where prior to the game beginning, AEUG fought a costly fight against Titans and Axis. Just like the original tv series,  AEUG lost their Key members in the conflict such as Apolly and Emma died while Char went MIA after his fight with Haman. Unlike the original timeline, In MX Char didn't lose his faith on Humanity during his time in hiding and thus lent his assistance to the protagonists in the game when situation arises as Quattro Bajeena with his Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai.

 Just like Alpha timeline, his Mentor-Pupil bond with Kamille is strong with this one and you get to see some meaningful if short banter between them in SRW MX. In his interaction with Kamille, Kamille still laments that Char still choose to be pilot in frontline instead of leading Spacenoid to brighter future which would be the exact reaction if Kamille and Char joined back AEUG in ZZ Gundam. On top of that, Char's interaction with Meio Plato from Dragonar also shed more of his Ideals considering Meio's character heavily based on the OYW Char Aznable which ironically criticize his CCA incarnation for being impatient and losing faith in humanity.

In any case here are some of the best part of Char's character interaction in SRW MX:

Kamille Bidan

Kamille: Liutenant Quattro...., There are things that i would like to know from you
Liutenant Quattro, no Char Aznable, why you are here?
Kamille: There are people who had put their faith on you to change the world  died already
Kamille: And i believed in you once as well
Kamille: Despite all of this, why you are still a pilot?
Char: In the present state, I am still not needed to lead the people
Char: Kamille. It is still not the time for me to stop fighting
Char: i still need to fight in the stead of those who had died
Kamille:....Understood. then i shall once again put my faith on you... Char Aznable
Kamille: But once the fight is all over..., please lead the people

Amuro Ray

 Meio Plato
Char: Those who tried to impose unrealistic ideals will eventually repeat the same mistake
Char: Just like what Jamitov and Haman did
Char: Putting in faith for the next generation, those backward iron fisted practices from old generation should be put away
Quattro: The creation of the new age does not need old people
Char: That is something i learned from Kamille Bidan and Judau Ashta
Char: Giganos are too impatient, Humanity at the present does not need any extreme doctrine, the flow of time will see through at that

 At the end of SRW MX, Char did lead his people as the representative of Spacenoid to ushering new age who is about to to deliver his speech in the ending fulfilling his promise with Kamille just like certain ending in Gihren's Greed. Despite the loss from Gryps War is great, at very least in MX the sacrifices are not in vain and Char saved himself from the despair he had to go through in CCA. Char Aznable is one of the reason why Universal Century are so memorable for Gundam fans and seeing an alternate take on the tragic timeline is a refreshing experience for sure. At some point i will continue the discussion of SRW and Char once i find sufficient material.

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