Monday, October 24, 2016

1/60 ARX-7 Arbalest Renewal ver

Years ago Alter made Quality figure for Arbalest long before they made one for M9 Gernsback and this time the toy come with more improvements i suppose. The Renewal version of Arbalest will be slated for  release on May next year with price tag of 14800 Yen and Arbalest will still come in 1/60 Scale. While the toy will be smaller than the plamo version made by Aoshima a while ago, the Alter's version of Arbalest come with more accessories no doubt. I wonder if the decision made by Alter to renew the series coincide with some plans to reboot the series in the future? Considering the anime got into some complicated license dispute back then, A reboot is certainly a nice thing to have considering FMP is one solid Real Robot series. I think i should repaint my FMP kits too.

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  1. The price tag seems over my budget. Guess I will make do with my Aoshima kit..