Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shura no Toki

 An old battle manga but this is really awesome mix of history and martial arts title. As far as i know Shura no Toki is the spin-off series of the Author's previous work narrating the tales of the protagonist's ancestors. They were known as Mutsus and while they were not recorded in the history, they are well known for their undefeated status as martial artist fighting anyone with their fists and win anyway. With their prowess, they inevitably got themselves involved with famous people throughout Japan's History like Nobunaga or Yoshitsune and the series strong point is how the author blend the fictional part with real history seamlessly. So far the manga had 17 volumes already which are partially translated and back then there was even an anime for this series. I would really love to see someone pick the translation for the prequel since it looks interesting enough.

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