Thursday, October 27, 2016

Monster Hunter Double Cross Announced!

 From the recent Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced a new monster hunter title named Monster Hunter Double Cross serving as the Grank version of MHX/Monster Hunter Generations. The game will be scheduled to be released on March 2017 and so far here are the main things that have been revealed:
  • 2 New Hunting Styles, one has been revealed as Brave Style which seems to be capable of dishing tons of damage once you build up your power bar. The other style has not been revealed yet but it appear to involve lots of bombing.
  • New Hunting Arts, but nothing much revealed at this point
  • Prowler mode will have some boost for melee option including adept style dodge and aerial jump
  • New Map, one is revealed as mountainous type, reminding me of part of Great Forest map from Unite
  • The G-Rank Quest Hub will be revealed as Airship
  • 2 New Monsters revealed so far, One is Devil Blos which will likely join the Deviant Group and other one is Silver colored wyvern which seems to be the agile type
I think more information for MH Double Cross will be revealed later on considering the current stuff is lackluster for an expansion game. I think with the recent popularity of MH in the west it is possible we will get the English version of Double Cross on late 2017 probably around 6 months after the Japanese release. I am still crossing my hands on this one since the current new features does not convince me enough to get a copy and to be honest i am rather burned out with MH on Nintendo Platform.

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