Thursday, October 29, 2015

Saya no Uta

"Fuminori.. to you, who loved me... i give.. this planet"- Saya

 I think this is my third time reading this Stellar Nitroplus works and still gives me the same chill just like the first time i read this VN which was before this blog was up. I should have covered about this VN years ago but will do it this time given the opportunity. Saya no Uta is a very short VN but the it is undisputedly masterpiece with its twisted yet beautiful story . The story borrow on Lovecraftian theme to take on love story of a man who finds himself in love a mysterious girl called Saya after having his perception distorted into hellish vision and Saya was the only normal looking person to him. The story pretty much focus on the relationship between Saya and Fuminori as they only find solace with each other being the outsider of the world and their journey to find some semblance of peace. The love that Saya and Fuminori shared may look twisted yet it is pure at its core which is why the VN is quite popular in Japan.

 As i become more familiar with Lovecraftian Horror being exposed to some of his works and some RPGs and Boardgames, i grew to appreciate Saya no Uta even more than in the past. You don't need to borrow the name of Cthulhu or other Eldritch gods to make a good Lovecraftian Horror and Saya no Uta is a testament to that. The VN portrayed the core value of HP Lovecraft works; "the sense of Human's powerlessness against Enigmatic Cosmic Entities" and "the truth that leads to Insanity" perfectly and even make it blended really well with beautiful love story which is rather rare feat for Japanese Work. Saya no Uta is easily one of Nitroplus Best work and you will miss a great deal of good stuff not reading this VN. I think Saya no Uta story would make decent Custom Call of Cthulhu campaign or Unique Rumor for Eldritch Horror since it adapts Lovecraftian element well. Also if you want a good Lovecraftian Japanese work go for Saya no Uta and not Demonbane or Nyaruko. I wished Saya had a Nendoroid since she is one of the Nitroplus chara that deserve one the most.

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