Saturday, December 31, 2016

Yami's Top 5 Female Seiyuu

 Might as well wrap up the end of 2016 with another Top 5 blog post and this time it is about my favorite Top 5 Female Seiyuus. Since i mostly watch mecha series most of my favorite seiyuus contribute a lot for the genre. In general i admire Female Seiyuus who can sing well and has no need to rely on Moeshit character to prove their talent. So probably you will see the seiyuus in my list are able to play strong willed female character type in general and most of the series they are well known to play are from early 2000s thus you wont see any recent popular female seiyuu in this list.

5. Ryoka Yuzuki

 The first in the list is Ryoka Yuzuki who i mostly remember from role as Eruruu from Utawarerumono. As a seiyuu Ryoka Yuzuki can play versatile role with her wide voice range from a token waifu to psychopathic character. Since i used to be a Typemoon fan i am quite surprised that she is the one who voiced the Lead Heroine of Tsukihime, Arcueid Brunestud which she did her role perfectly. On the sidenote Ryoka Yuzuki is very beautiful in her teens and surprisingly she even had shown up on Adult magazine

4. Sayaka Ohara

 In the 4th list is Sayaka Ohara, in general i know her from playing Gentle Older sister archetype most of the time but the reason she get into the list is solely because of her role in Umineko as the main Heroine Beatrice. She is one of the major reason why the Umineko VN is such an amazing experience and she just pull a superb performance as the Golden Witch. Seriously just play Umineko to find out how awesome her character is.

3. Atsuko Tanaka

 If you like Strong willed or Femme Fatale archetype you will bound to encounter Atsuko Tanaka on those characters. Atsuko Tanaka mostly well known with her role as Motoko Kusanagi and definitely she put a great job as her in Stand Alone Complex series. She also tend to play as Seductive Older sister type like Caster from Fate or Karura from Utawarerumono. Maaya Sakamoto did a good job for Motoko in the new Ghost in the Shell but just not as good as Atsuko Tanaka i suppose.

2. Houko Kuwashima

 Houko Kuwashima is probably one of the most versatile Female Seiyuu i have ever known but for some reason she is never really that famous. I like her role in Blue Gender which she played a strong willed heroine character but i guess Houko Kuwashima probably more known in her roles as multiple female cast in Gundam SEED and Destiny. Seriously though apart from her voice acting, Houko Kuwashima can sing quite well which she tend to contribute a lot in her earlier roles.

1. Maaya Sakamoto

 Lastly in the first place taking the top of my list is Maaya Sakamoto! Perhaps compared to other Seiyuus, Maaya doesn't really stand out when it comes to the character she reprised, but the reason why she is at the top of my list is mostly her singing talent. She collaborates alot with Yoko Kanno and that means lots of awesome songs and for her first role in anime which is Escaflowne, Maaya sings such amazing Opening for the series and later on she puts her singing talent for Rahxephon, Lodoss and so on. When it comes to her acting skill she shows alot of versatility and if you are not familiar with Maaya you wouldn't expect Ryougi Shiki and Lunamaria is played by same person. I suppose Maaya just don't play enough well written anime characters.

 I guess i am kinda hipster since most of the female seiyuus in this list are kinda underrated as they are quite established but just not that popular enough. But seriously do check their works and if you are interested leave your top seiyuus list in the comment.


  1. Apologies, I seldom take notice of voice actress but now that u mention, I really like how Nadesico Yurika as voiced by Houko Kuwashima. You get to burning! Crazy and funny!

    1. I am not that particularly attentive to Seiyuus either but some are just really good to make me care about them.