Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together First Playthrough

 Another one of those game backlog that i cleared and certainly a superb RPG title, regretted abit that i didn't finish this gem earlier. PSP got plenty of Quality RPG game and certainly Tactics Ogre belongs to the list. For a Remake of PS1 game, Let us Cling Together got massive overhaul which makes its quality on a different level. Yasumi Matsuno maybe more known for his Final Fantasy Tactics or Vagrant Story but he is definitely the go-to guy for a quality high fantasy story and i am grateful to him for making Tactics Ogre.

 Compared to FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre is harder to get into due to rather different gameplay mechanics but it is really a good game once you grasp how the system works. But the main difference between Tactics Ogre and FF Tactics, is that Tactics Ogre Class System favors Vertical Class Build and doesn't really allow Mix and Matching Class Skills like FF Tactics. But seriously Archer in This Game pretty much murder everything. In terms of Storyline Tactics Ogre really shine over FFT if you like complex storyline as the former had tons of those. In any case Tactics Ogre is pretty much the other side of coin that is called FF Tactics. One thing that Tactics Ogre clearly win is that it got really cool Antihero in the game.

 For my first run of the game, i went for the Law Route mainly because i want to recruit Ravness but missed her in the end anyway. Back then i left the game near the end of Chapter 3 clocking around 30 Hours and it took me another 100 Hours for me to finish the game. You can actually finish the game within 40 Hours but farming Recipes and Sidequest delayed me that long. One of the main culprit is because i tried to Recruit Deneb which her Wicce Class is the hardest one to get in this game and she definitely live up to infamy. The main reason that her recruitment is very hard is that you need to farm certain rare item called Glass Pumpkin which is very hard to get and even with shortcut it took hours before you can get the required amount. Selling the Dragons to Butcher for their orbs is not too bad but the Glass Pumpkin takes the cake for the main reason that Deneb's recruitment is the hardest one.

 It will be another hundred hours i suppose before i am done with the game, as for now i am still training my underleveled Characters which are mostly the character exclusive class before hitting on Chaos and Neutral Path. It might be close to impossible for a continuation of this series, but i hope somehow Yasumi Matsuno could make another continuation for such amazing series.


  1. Damn, FFT and tactics ogre deserve get sequel maan... it's been long time i play this in my PSX since 99, i remember first playtrough i can't save the file and make me playin almost two days non stop to finish the game (soo exhausting)... psp version is much better, more content and rewarding... even some characters very difficult to recruit like deneb or cressida, i manage to play almost near end with all unique character but still unfinished... so far FFT, tactics ogre and brigandine GE are one of amazing TBS game :)

    1. TO and FFT definitely deserve better Recognition. The PSP are just superb but being released when PSP was on its last legs makes it difficult to get wider audiences. Yasumi Matsuno definitely need an opportunity to continue the series.