Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Persona 3 Figma 322 Makoto Yuki Review

 Our Beloved Emo Blue Haired Protagonist is here!

 This is my first time doing Figma Review and i don't think i will do many review of these lineup as i find Figmas to be overpriced crap just like Nendoroids. Up until now there were only three versions of Makoto Yuki figure that i can think of; Kotobukiya's 1/10 Figure, Bandai's Figuarts Zero and Max Factory Figma. Despite its pricey tag for action figure, nevertheless the Figma was the definitive version of Persona 3 Protagonist since it was the only posable one out of three variants. It has been like six months already from my last proper review and now i am glad that i can start making some again. Because i live away from my home due to work, i don't have proper lightbox setup but the background that i use still work as intended as i tried to imitate Velvet Room Vibe.

Makoto Yuki in his SEES getup

 It fels like ages since i played Persona 3 last time but this game always remind me of fond Memories. While Persona 4 is more polished overall than Persona 3 i always prefer the latter as the journey was more satisfying which is mainly due to main protagonist. The movie didn't do justice for Makoto Yuki as he is mostly apathetic in the movie, while he is one hell of badass protagonist who managed to pull off some crazy feats in the game. This is why i am hellbent to get Makoto Yuki's Figma which i bought for 750k Rupiah which isn't so bad considering the base price was high already.

 In Persona 3 Makoto Yuki is a seemingly normal if indifferent teenager who used to live in Tatsumi Port Island. He survived a great catastrophe in the island when he was a kid and for some reason return to the Tatsumi Port Island again as a student enrolling in Gekkoukan High School. As he arrived on the port Island, Makoto encountered Phenomenon known as Dark Hour where time seems to stop and the landscape becomes hellish with coffins appear everywhere but Makoto doesn't seem to be unfazed by it. After a series of turns of unexpected events he joined a special task force called SEES which is composed High School Students who are unaffected with Hour of Darkness Phenomenon and attempt to bring an end to it.

 As a self insert Protagonist, Makoto Yuki doesn't have much personality but throughout the game he is shown to be rather stoic and keep his head cool when facing odds against him. However the most distinguishing Makoto's characteristic is that he is rather indifferent toward the concept of death which allows him to be very decisive during the fight with shadows and ends up making him lead the SEES Group. In my opinion What makes Makoto Yuki better than Yu Narukami is that Makoto went through more complete journey that human can possibly do, reaching a destination that few could achieve.

 Figma Makoto Yuki comes with three different face expressions which are barely distinguishable anyway since Makoto doesn't show much expression in general. Too bad the Figma doesnt come with alternate hair part so Makoto Yuki is stuck in his One-eyed emo in figma form.

 Makoto Yuki's Figma sculpt is good overall but articulation is not that wonderful. For a 6000 Yen Figma, Makoto Yuki only comes with his Sword, Evoker and his SEES getup as his accesories which is disappointing when compared to D-Arts Thanatos which was bigger and come with more goodies and only cost 4500 Yen. I thought his headphone could have been another accessories but for some reason Max Factory decided it was a good idea to just glue it down on the uniform. Koromaru would also have made a good addition for Figma Makoto Yuki Accessory. Probably Max Factory intentionally charge the Figma a high price because they know that die-hard Persona 3 fans like myself will get one no matter what. Because Makoto Yuki was the final missing piece for the Persona 3 Set. But to be honest there is not much point to get Figma Makoto Yuki if you didn't have or intend to get other Persona 3 Action Figures like Aigis or Elizabeth and good luck trying to find one because they are very expensive nowadays.

Where is my Thanatos?!
 Despite i whine a lot with Figma, i am glad that i manage to get one because i expect Figma Makoto Yuki will be hard to get after quite a while. I really hope that i could do group shots with D-Arts Elizabeth and Thanatos as soon as possible because this is the main reason i decided to get Figma Makoto Yuki in the first place. I still consider to get Figma Aigis or Nendoroid Jack Frost to complement Makoto though the latter will be hard to find on with reasonable price. Apparently Max Factory are planning to release some actual Persona action figure which we will see how it goes.  Also Makoto Yuki will be the Model i use when i review Figma-Related Accessories which will be following up quite soon


  1. I don’t know about the character, so is the game. Nonetheless, the figure looks great with nice paint job and Figma articulations still unmatched by others...

    1. SHF still beats Figma when it comes to articulation. But when it comes to anime figure looks, figma still wins.