Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dorei to no Seikatsu - Teaching Feeling

 Usually i don't discuss about Nukige for this blog in general but here it goes. Saw this game when lurking 4chan as usual and checked it got rather some kind of cult following in Japan becoming best-selling game on DLsite in short time. Dorei to no Seikatsu or Life with a Slave is a short text-based interactive game where your protagonist is a Doctor who just got a girl slave called Sylvie with burn scars all over her body as a token of gratitude from his patient. It is up to you whether you let Sylvie continue her wretched slave life or let her regain her humanity.

 The game is your typical simplistic text based Ecchi Simulator but it does got some interesting gimmicks if unpolished. The first instance i saw Sylvie, she instantly remind me of Hanako from Katawa Shoujo and her design is just perfect for hugable waifu material. i suppose the Crippled+Slave girl did make a winning combination in Japan whether it makes more adorable characters in some way or to fulfill weird fetishes for some people. If the artist is smart enough, he should use this momentary fame to rake more cash by making some sort expansion or ultimate version of the game in the form of more contents especially the interactions and the flavor text. I won't say this game is a Diamond in the rough or something but it does have a chance to become something more than a Nukige. I wonder if this will influence Japan's moe trend though i doubt it will be.Even if it is White Knight syndrome, it does feel nice doing good deeds in a game to help emotionally scarred character such as Sylvie by patting her head everyday and make her fall for you.


  1. Sabes como sacar todas las CG? :,V

    1. Not really but most of the events rely alot on Sylvie's affection and lust.

  2. Does this game have an ending?

  3. So far there is none but i heard the creator planned one eventually