Monday, January 15, 2018

Diaclone DA-14 Big Powered GV

 Diaclone series has escaped my Radar since it bears close resemblance with with Transformers which i stayed away from. But this toy lineup catches my attention as my company got this product arrived which i took a glimpse on it. From what i comprehend Diaclone is transformable Robot Toys with strong emphasis in playability which means it has tons of gimmicks! Takara Tomy apparently have toys in this lineup in 80s but they just did the Reboot move last year. When i was a kid, i was a big sucker for Robot Toys that you can put miniature pilot in it and Diaclone just fulfill my bill for the gimmick. One of the Diaclone toy that catch my attention is the DA-14 Big Powered GV which are Gigantic Robot combined from 5 Different vehicles which has its own transformation again and DA-14 happen to have the full package i am looking for. For now i will just wait for Takara Tomy to do a rerun so i can get this toy with Preorder Price. While Big Powered GV cost above 25000 Yen, with the quality which Rivals Bandai's Soul of Chogokin with the immense amount of Gimmicks, it is really worth it. I think what Takara Tomy needs to popularize this toy lineup is to oursource some Gaming Dev Company to make a decent Video Game out of this series to hype up the interest for the lineup and i will be keeping a close up on it too. Here is CM for the Toy by Takara which looks really awesome indeed!

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