Friday, January 5, 2018

Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Almia

 From the beginning of this blog, i tried to steer away from Pokemon  because i had rather complicated relationship with the series. It was a love-hate with this one as i grew up playing Pokemon but got disillusioned how the series decline on 3DS partly on alienating the older fanbase. NDS probably is the best time that the Pokemon series had as it spawned plenty of decent quality Spin-offs. One of them is Pokemon Ranger Series and i happened to finish one of its installment called Shadow of Almia. I have played the first Pokemon Ranger ages ago and Almia is the second of the installment which happened to be in my backlog.

 Pokemon Ranger series is notable for showing pokemon natural behavior other than as fighting tool for Trainers. Shadow of Almia compared to its predecessor had several improvements notably with wide selection of Pokemon companion and somewhat okay storyline if inconsistent. Though i still prefer the first game when it comes to the selection of Pokemon as Sinnoh Pokemon's are just lacking compared to Hoenn. One of my least favorite thing about this game is the annoying amount of backtracking that this game has which i don't think the first game was as bad as Almia. In any case probably have more Pokemon content in the future including Review materials as well.

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