Sunday, January 21, 2018

Solatorobo 2nd Run

 Four years gives a good breather for me to do another run for Solatorobo and it is still a very good game and probably one of the best in DS. The game is still repetitive but had very good atmostphere and worldbuilding. Come to think of it the reason why Solatorobo gave me great nostalgic vibe is that settings-wise it shares alot in common with Megaman Legends series and can be considered as its spiritual successor to an extent. The game is still quite easy tho the Boss Rush can be a little bit challenging if i go reckless. By now i am on the early third Playthrough to get Dahak Omega but i will stop at this point until i get nostalgic with the series again. Seriously Cyberconnect can make Ver 1.5 and i will still buy it as long as they make the game have more Open World elements on it. Looking forward someday that i got an opportunity to play the game for third time using Dahak Omega.

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