Thursday, May 19, 2011

D-Style Death Saurer

Out of many zoids design i didn't expect Death Saurer got the D-style treatment just after Blade Liger got one. Instead looking menacingly powerful, now Death Saurer looks pretty harmless and adorable. Death Saurer is one of the zoid that belong to Largest class of Zoids and one of the most destructive as well. It is pretty much Giant version of Geno Saurer since it is equipped with higly destructive Particle Cannon in its mouth. In Chaos Century the main villain General Proitzen piloted this zoid in the final battle. Probably only Ultra Phalanx or King Gojulas would be able to rival this zoid one on one.

I thought the next Zoids D-style release would be either Zaber Fangs or Geno Saurer though I can understand why Kotobukiya would release the D-Style version instead of HMM considering this kit would be too expensive to be built. The kit would be released on September and currently Amiami already accept preorder.


  1. I was actually expecting something else like, the shield liger, saber tiger or command wolf instead.