Monday, May 2, 2011

Non Scale Aussenseiter Review

The Theme Overrider has come!

With this kit finished i get 2 more SRW kits left to be reviewed. Overall the kit is really great for its price considering Amiami has it 55% off for 4 months already. At first i want to get this kit when it was on sale last year and i plan to get Daizengar as well afterwards. But it turns out that i get Daizengar first then this kit. In this review i will call Aussenseiter as Trombe which i will elaborate in this review.

Aussenseiter is the 2nd Dynamic General Guardian Unit created by Dr Bian Zoldark as a weapon to protect earth from incoming Alien attacks. This unit is a ranged oriented which serve as support unit for DGG-1 Daizengar. Aussenseiter was kept hidden in Tesla Leicht Institute along with Daizengar until the event in SRW OG 2 where it comes to the service fighting against Inspectors and Einsts. The pilot for Aussenseiter is Ratsel Feinschmeiker

Ratsel Feinschmeiker(Mystery Gourmet) is not so mysterious person who help Hagane-Hiryu team whenever they are in trouble. In truth Ratsel is Elzam Branstein the head of renowned Branstein Family who is Raidiese older brother of SRX team. He is pretty much Char clone in SRW and resemble more to Quattro. Elzam was one of the Divine Crusader commander during the Divine war and the one responsible for making Zengar defected to his side.He is feared by EFA due to his piloting skills especially in gunfight because he is one of the Aggresors team member. Later on he help Hagane-Hiryu team due to the will of Dr Bian Zoldark and in charge of Noah Class battleship Kurogane. He is known in his distinct Black and Red color scheme for his mecha and he called his every single mecha he piloted as Trombe which are named after his Stallion. Other than piloting skill Elzam is also renowned for his culinary skills which match world class chef.

The paint job that i did for this kit are Red and Gold color with Matte finish. The gold parts in this kit needed to be repainted considering metallic runners are not a good option for plastic kits. This kit is one of the less serious build that i do considering there plenty of nubs and i only did some touch-ups for it.

The kit had some nice accessories like the cape and the "hair" of Aussenseiter. However the kit does not feature the Horse mode for some reason which believe still doable for this type of SRW kit. I am surprised that the head would stand really well even the hair parts attached to it considering it is relatively heavy.

Aussenseiter stands for Dark Horse in German which Ratsel named for this unit and it really fit the characteristic of this mecha. Ratsel originally is Real Robot pilot due to his agility and manuver in his piloting which he earned a nickname "Black Tornado" . But Aussenseiter still fits for Ratsel since it is one of the fastest Super Robot of its class as it moves really fast on the ground and had suitable range of arsenal. In SRW Alpha 3 this guy is one of the best Grunt Killers. What make Ratsel and his mecha is so special is the fact that his "TROMBE" theme override any theme even for the boss theme which some fans consider it as epic.

The first weapon of Trombe is Schutterplate which are the pair of shields on its Shoulder. The plate seems to have Branstein family emblem which tells who is the one who pilots it. Trombe hurls the plate in high speed which acts just like a remote slasher/slash ripper which cuts through the enemy. While it doesn't look loke a good weapon remember that Trombe is higher than 50m which guarantee the plate really hurts when it hits any real robot.

And the last weapon that Trombe had is Lanzerkannone which is pretty much cannon lance. Just like Zengar who only need his sword to wreak some havoc, Ratsel only need these guns to do the same thing. The weapon somehow resemble with VSBR in terms of mechanism since this weapon is versatile in context of range the weapon can be shoot in Rapid fire succession or Heavy hitting single bullet depending on condition.

The strongest weapon that Trombe possess is Sturmangriff which use Lanzerkannone in the process. Trombe shoots down barrage towards enemies in quick successions until getting enough range for close combat where it finish its opponent by skewering it with the Bayonet attached on Trombe and shoot it down. Definitely not a pleasant way to die and Ratsel's nemesis Archibald die in this way in Ashsaber. Sturmangriff is pretty much the reason why Trombe is a grunt killer in Alpha 3 because it is one of the strongest post-movement ALL attack in the game.

While it does not feature any "REAL MAN RIDE ON EACH OTHER" mode at least the kit give some special hand type to be used along with Non Scale Daizengar to show how manly the friendship of Ratsel and Zengar.

This kit one of the better SRW kit in my opinion and i would suggest to get it from AmiAmi ASAP if you are interested since the Sale probably ends in 2 months. If you had this kit probably get non Scale Daizengar as well since they are meant to be a pair.


  1. TROMBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ha, killing Keisar Ephes in SRW@3 with the theme override was just too good for not doing it at least once. Seems like a pretty good kit although I'm not that fond of this mech in particular. I have a SRW kit on its way to me, the Alteisen Riese, you don't have it yet?

  2. Zengar still steal the spotlight in @3 in the end lol. Personally i am not a great fan for Trombe either but i find this kit is quite good. I do have Alteisen Riese which i built it 2 years ago and plan to repaint it.

    You will like Riese for sure because it is one of the coolest 1/144 SRW kit. Get Rein Weissritter as well for Rampage Ghost