Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Frame Arms model announced!

Slow but sure, Kotobukiya's original lineup of Frame Arms steadily grows in numbers. Out of the many informations from the latest Hobby Japan,, a new design for the Frame Arms lineup really piqued my interest. So far no name has been given for this particular design but from what the scans tell this new Frame Arms is designed as a Heroic type mecha. What makes me really interested with this design is that it really has close resemblance with ACE 3 Exbrau and SRW W Valhawk from what i see. But it is no surprise since the designer of Frame Arms is the one who designed those original mechas who is no other than Takayuki Yanase who is most well known to be one of the lead mecha designer of Gundam 00. I will be keeping an eye with this mecha and i will just throw the lineart of Exbrau and Valhawk as references.

1 comment:

  1. Finally a Frame Arms I might end up buying, as all the other designs seem rather silly, but this notExbrau-Valhawk is a whole other history. All that is left is to see its weaponry and even if the worst case it comes with something silly there are plenty of optional weapon parts Kotobukiya has already released.