Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/144 Brasta

After the small announcement of Brasta plamo from Kotobukiya on last October, finally some sample model is revealed by Kotobukiya! The kit will be released on May this year which is a month after Saisei-hen released and it will cost about 5800 yen(which is as expensive as a Granzon). While the definitely make my wallet weeps, i will be getting one for my collection. The Brasta kit will have most of the gimmicks that Brasta had in Hakai-Hen which include the detachable shield and sniper rifle parts though no Spigot. The kit will also be getting effect parts which looks like for Bayonet spiker rather than EAGLE shot. Brasta itself is the original unit of main protagonist of SRW Z2 Hakai Hen, Crowe Burst. Brasta is specialised for fighting against Jigenjuu or Dimensional monsters though it is still weak when it is compared with Virgola Glory or Gunleon. I am curious if Saisei-hen will give Brasta an upgrade?

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  1. Actually there is or there are, to be precise upgrades to the Brasta: The Li-Brasta B, a long ranged real robot and the Li-Brasta R a melee ranged super robot.