Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/60 M9 Gernsback

While Alter mainly produce high quality figurines, they also sculpted some great high-end mecha toys. After they released Linebarrel toy few while ago, now they are going to release one of the well known Arm Slave from FMP which is no other than M9 Gernsback. The toy has been announced around 2 months ago and planned to be released on April this year with the price tag of roughly 12000 yen. The toy is sculpted with 1/60 Scale which is about the same height with 1/144 HG Gundam kits. Despite i will not be getting this toy since i had completed my Uruz team collection and the toy is too small for my preference i think this 1/60 M9 Gernsback is worth to get for FMP fans. You will notice that the toy comes with lots of weapons which i think never appear in TV series and seen a few time only in the FMP Sigma manga. If you had 1/60 Arbalest which was released by Alter back when Aoshima haven't started making one i would say this toy is a must get.

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