Sunday, January 29, 2012

Real Steel

While i don't really post Hollywood movie stuff in my blog, there is one movie called Real Steel which i find interesting to talk about. The movie used typical theme of Hollywood movies with some mechas and it turns out to be fun to watch. Surpirisingly the characterization of the main characters are great for action movie and the main focus of the movie which is the mecha action doen't disappoint. Simply to say the mecha actions are amazing since the CG animations are just really well made. Probably my favorite moment is the final battle where the lead character's mecha Atom landed a punch to Zeus while jumping. Personally i think this movie has really good mecha action just like Transformers movies but the overall story is much better. If you are a mecha fan i think this movie will worth your time. I hope the rumored sequel will still have the charming point of this movie.


  1. Just watched it. It has a lot of heart and is infinitely better than the entire Transformers trilogy. Suck on that Bay, the robots here don't even talk.
    Atom's fight versus Zeus was simply awesome.

    1. Definitely Real Steel put some effort on the characters compared to Transformers and personally i really like Sam whose character is better compared to the lead character.