Monday, January 23, 2012

SRW Alpha 3 2nd playthrough cleared!

Spanish Kunoichi is really awesome!

After a year since i finished SRW Alpha 3,  now i managed to clear my 2nd playthrough and this time with Selena just as promised. Overall i find my 2nd playhtrough is better than the first one and even i learned new things from this game as well.

I decided to do Selena's playthrough so that i could save Cobray's route the last as i wanted to play his route the most. Probably Selena is one of the most least popular protagonists in Alpha 3 considering her route is somewhat flat compared to Touma's and her rival is the weakest out of 4.

In Alpha 3, Selena Recital is a mercenary who seeks revenge with a Balmarian general who killed her comrades and she mistaken the general with Viletta in short period of time. From what i read in the playthrough, it seems that Selena happens to be a Barshem clone as well since she knows Spectra's true name. Selena is a spy who is really good at infiltration and close combat with her electric whip. She also pilots mech called Assault Scout which also attuned with her skill as this series of mech possess ability called Prism Phantom similar to Mirage Coloid from Gundam Seed. Initially Selena pilots Soleares then Alegrias which is the Soleares upgraded with Vegalion parts.

At first i didn't expect many things from Selena as i thought she is the weakest protagonist out of 4 which is true for her Soleares. However Selena turns out to have really broken unit since she had post movement MAP attack which requires 100 Will only and just as good as Banpreios or Gunbuster. Selena's Alegrias also had plenty of Debuff attacks which makes her a perfect support attack unit as well.

Unlike Touma's route who didn't get additional support character other than Ratsel and Zengar, Selena and the other 2 original characters did get them. As for Selena, she gets the Terrestrial Dream team who are no other than Ibis, Sleigh and Tsugumi. While the TD team didn't hit as hard as Selena's Alegrias, i find the Hyperion is really awesome unit despite you get it just as late as Banpreios. This tempts me to play SRW Alpha 2 and get Altalion's kit.

In this game i managed to find new things that i previously didn't encounter in my first playthrough. First i just realized that you can save your Squad's setting so that you have less time to set them up again but unfortunately you still need to reequip the parts. Accidentally i got Ideon's ending along my playthrough which is just really sad. I also managed to get Armored EVA-1 this time which i find completely have different purpose compared to the normal EVA. While the normal EVA is oriented for Grunt killiing, the Armored EVA is meant for one-on-one fight and completely independent from EVA-0 and EVA-2.

In this 2nd playthrough i also managed to get Good ending which i find the only difference is that Irui didn't have to sacrifice herself to seal Kaiser Ephes. I had less hard time fighting against Ephes this time which took me 3 turns to kill him from Full health. My kill count in the 2nd playthrough is less evenly distributed compared to my first one, this is mainly due to Selena having way too broken MAP attack which racks her kill count in no time.

Just like i said in my first playthrough post last year, i will be doing Cobray's route once i finished Selena's. At first i thought Cobray's route is going less epic than i expected since he doesn't get his Werkbau until 8 stages. But in stage 12 things are getting really awesome and apparently you get Arado and Seolla way earlier compared to other main characters.


  1. I found Selena to be the weakest character of the 4.
    Kusuha also does not get any additional OG character support but hey, she is supposed to be the cannon heroine of the @ timeline (there's a reason why she is a playable character in the whole 3 games).
    As for Cobray... he gets Arado and Seolla very early as support but even in just a 2nd playthrough he is really broken and can almost solo the entire game lol.

    1. No doubt Selena's Alegrias had the lowest firepower compared to the other 3 OG units but she has the highest evasion rate which even Kaiser Ephes can't hit her at all. But in my playthrough, Selena hits pretty hard since i pumped lots of PP for her melee.