Friday, May 11, 2012

D-Style ARX-8 Laevatein

Looks like FMP got series of D-style treatment in pretty short time, after Arbalest and Gernsback Kotobukiya announced ARX-8 Laevatein to get a D-Style kit. The kit is going to be released on August this year with 2200 Yen Price tag. The kit includes all standard equipment of Laevatein which include 2 blades stored on the knee, Howitzer gun and "Boxer" Shotgun though unfortunately no Effect Gimmicks seems to be given. Laevatein is replacement Arm Slave for Sagara Sousuke after his Arbalest destroyed by Belial and during its first launch it manages to defeat 2 Codarls and 3 Behemoths which shows how powerful this AS with its Lambda Drive. I think it is less likely Belial will get a kit but if it is another FMP D-style, i think either Belial or Codarl which will make into the cut. I still wonder if Aoshima(license problem?) or another manufacturer will be making the 1/48 kit of Laevatein?

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