Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Erementar Gerad

Another series that i watched years ago but in this post i will discuss about the manga which i recently finished. Erementar Geard is one of those Shonen started as manga series which later get anime adaptation. The series revolves around Humanoid female beings that capable of transforming into powerful weapon called Edel Reid. The first manga series focus with a young Sky Pirate named Coud van Giruet with a young Edel Reid named Reverie Metherlance or Ren who happens to be Shichikuhojuu(7 strongest Edel Raids) and their journey  to Edel Garden. While the story is certainly not the strongest point of the series, i kinda like Coud and Ren as a couple which is adorable and kinda reminds me with Garrod and Tifa from Gundam X.

The manga series ended with cliffhanger and supposedly the story continues to Ao Senki which is still ongoing (I hope Coud and Ren will show up). I still have high expectation with Erementar Gerad as it seems that there are some potential for the series to be epic in which all Shichikuhojuu are going to meet with each other one way or another. Compared to the anime, the manga is definitely way better with more backgrounds covered and the anime only covers up to 8 volumes of the manga where it eventually branch off during Viro Arc and becomes really generic shonen anime. But you will probably like the series if you are a teen(i used to like the anime too) and the Anime opening is quite catchy.

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