Thursday, May 24, 2012

1/100 Shiranui UN WIP 2

Hmm looks like over the past few months my progress in building my model kit had been getting really slow so far and gets worse as my backlog grow in abysmal rate. I blame it to my school life which makes me unable to give my attention to my kits. As you see, the Shiranui that i have worked from last month have got some significant progress. I have finished giving the paint job for the kit and now all left is to handpaint the details on the kit. Probably i could finish the kit in 2 weeks of time i am not occupied with study but hopefully next month i got some more free time to work on the kit. I also throw some comparison of the Kotobukiya Shiranui with the Volks A3 Shiranui in which the kotobukiya kit is taller in few cm compared to the Volks version of it.

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  1. How are the joints of the Shiranui series compared to that of the Takemikazuchi? I heard that it only has one runner of POM as opposed two sets of ABS.