Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yami's SRW Portfolio

In this post i will list all SRW titles that i have finished in which i made through the final stage and beat the final boss. I decided to do this so it is easier for myself and anyone to keep track my journey record on SRW series. So far my Top 3 favorite SRW title is MX in the first place followed by Masoukishin and then Z1. MX took the number 1 position because i really like the theme remix especially the original themes which is the best so far in my opinion and the cast list is my current favorite too. My progress in last 2 years has been the most significant one since i finished most of the listed SRW within this period. Currently the SRW titles that i haven't touched at all is in the older generation and i am certainly going to finish some in PSX at least. Without delaying much further here are the SRW titles that i have finished

  • SRW OG1
  • SRW OG2
  • SRW J (4 runs)
My Backlogs
  • SRW K
  • SRW Alpha(Halfway)
How many SRW titles have you finished? Which one is your favorite?


  1. You still have a long way to go young grasshopper but I must commend you for playing this many SRW titles. You should give the classic series a try if you want some challenge in your SRW games.

  2. lol i guess so! While it is not anytime soon i do intend getting my hands on the early SRW series once i managed to finish all SRW that i planning to do which is still halfway to go.

  3. Epic stuff I gotta say dude. BTW, you should check out SRW OG 2nd and SRW OG Dark Prison. The Masoukishin have some cool stuff going on there and really adds and reveals more of the OG story.

  4. Unfortunately i don't have PS3 so i won't be accessing those titles for now, but if they ever had Vita port, i will get them in a heartbeat