Thursday, September 13, 2012

1/35 ASS-117 Valken A (Jake version)

I haven't been much interested in Plum until recently i touch Assault Suit series game which the manufacturer happen to produce some kits for the series. One of the kit is ASS-117 Valken from SNES Games called Assault Suit Valken or known as Cybernator in the west. I am particularly interested with Assault Suit series after i played Assault Suit Leynos 2 from Saturn(which is awesome!) and at the moment i am playing Assault Suit Valken. In my opinion this series is one of the best representation of Mecha genre in gaming platform particularly for Real Robot Aspect. Anyway about the kit, it is priced for 6500 Yen which is quite expensive compared with average Bandai or even Koto kits. The kit is 15cm in height and comes with Vulcan Pod and Shield as accessory. Valken is a grunt mech used by main protagonist named Jake in the game who sees through Space colony infiltration to preventing Orbital drop until surviving atmospheric entry. Valken can be considered pretty versatile mech for its size as it can be deployed on Space and Earth without significant problem. I really recommend mecha fans out there to try Assault Suit Valken preferrably the Japanese version which got some decent fans translation(since the american version is butchered) because it is one of the awesome mecha game out there. I am looking forward to Gunhound which will see some port release at the end of this year on PSP which seems to have similar gameplay with Assault Suit series.

Some sneak peek of the original game

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