Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gundam Age afterthoughts

Watched the 49th episode of the series two days ago which marked the end of the series. Got to say i got mixed feeling about Age, As a gundam series i think Gundam Age is probably one of the weaker Gundam Tv series but definitely not to the point to be crowned as the worst Gundam series. I feel Age shoots itself on the foot from the beginning since it targets children as the main demographic while tries to appeal the existing Gundam fanbase at the same time. In my opinion the main problem with the story of Gundam Age is that the 3rd Gen arc is rather weak despite it got some good potential, partly caused by transition of the 2nd Gen to the 3 Gen isn't handled well which subsequently lead to slower buildup of the character despite it has plenty of time to cover itself. Another problem is the conclusion of the series is rather weak with the antagonist faction which are slightly hard to symphathize with.  Despite Age's story script is rather unpalatable, what i think the main weakness of Age as a Gundam series is that it doesn't really have memorable overall mecha design unlike other Gundam TV series which makes its feels less "Gundam" compared to its predecessors.

Despite its obvious shortcomings of the series, Animation quality and soundtrack are pretty solid. Age also probably conceived one of the better Gundam protagonist, Flit Asuno who i find to be quite well written character despite he had rather slow start. Like some people says, Gundam Age doesn't deserve Flit as a savior who probably fits better somewhere in UC era. Kio is probably unbearable sometimes but his greatest weakness for me is that he doesn't have strong enough conviction to justify his motive to match with his Grandfather. In Conclusion Gundam Age is does okay but probably will be one of the least memorable Gundam series. With the Gundam Age ended, Sunrise probably need to think over really well before they make the next Gundam series or otherwise there won't be much future anymore for Gundam.


  1. At least there's the Unicorn OVA

    1. Well i personally i don't think the OVA will really help the Gundam TV series to survive for long.