Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/100 MG Marasai Review

Hmm i am sure getting pretty inactive recently but i suppose it will last for some while. Anyway this is the latest repaint work of mine which is MG Marasai in Karaba Color Scheme which i used for group build in GAF 2 months ago. i suppose it will be a while before i am getting back to work on my kits again as well as active on this blog but rest is assured. Probably you will notice some similarities of my Marasai color scheme with Dijeh which is my intention though i still need to get a Beam Naginata to make Marasai look like one XD.


 Apologies in advance if the review is shorter than usual since i don't really have much to say about Marasai. One interesting note about Marasai is that it is one of the MS in UC Era that is inspired with Samurai design. For some reason the head shape of Marasai kinda remind me of Alteisen due to the horn which resemble Alteisen's heat horn. Some advice for those who is planning to get this kit, the articulation of Marasai MG is rather limited mainly due to the thickness of the armor because inner frame does fine. Ballute system looks the best on Marasai and you can get one for reasonable price from newer MG Hyaku Shiki rather than buying it from Bandai Webshop. As a closure i will be adding some more pics once i get the Beam Naginata.


  1. That is one very lovely masarai.

    Minor nitpick, some of the green on the tubes are slightly showing.

  2. Thanks! i intentionally leave the fuselage pipe slightly greenish because it is actually one of my least favorite part of the kit to work on.

  3. The lightings makes the kit look so cool! Nice posing! Reminds a lot of Gouf...