Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Danball Senki Z Mode Sigma Orbis

While i am playing Danball Senki W there are couple of new LBXs but one that catches my eyes the most is Sigma Orbis. Technically Sigma Orbis is not an LBX as it is formed by combination of Minerva, Elysion and Perseus making the 2nd of its kind after Perfect ZX3. Out of 2 Figure Renditions out there i find the Z Mode version is the best one since this version comes with the Gattai gimmick which the plamo didn't come with. The Sigma Orbis first debuted in the game during the fight of the first Killer Droids entering the game with Gundam SEED pose though afterward this guy is quickly forgotten. The Z Mode comes with the special effect for Sigma Orbis but not the 3 LBXs but hopefully the ones for the plamo fits for it. The toy set cost about 9000 yen though i think you can find this guy around 6000 Yen or lower on some places.

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