Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arslan Senki/Heroic Legends of Arslan

Watched the OVA series after i lurked on /a/ and saw this series though i believe i have seen it featured on a magazine long time ago. As expected, Arslan Senki got the same feeling like when i watched Legend of Galactic Heroes despite being totally different genre considering this series is written by the same author of LoGH. As an OVA it got some solid storyline and great animations  and even managed to reach US shore though the OVA is even more unheard compared to LoGH.

Arslan Senki is a fantasy series taking on Middle East kind of setting which tell the story about a Prince of a fallen kingdom accompanied by his loyal followers trying to restore the throne of his kingdom and repel the invaders. Like LoGH Arslan Senki tells the story in several different perspectives complete with Political Intrigue and Philosophical goodness which would have made Arslan Senki the fantasy counterpart of LoGH if it wasn't too short. I find some characters in the series kinda similar with the ones in LoGH like Narsus who reminds me of Yang Wenli and Hermes who is kinda like Reinhard but plays an Antihero character.The OVA ends at the point where things are getting more interesting considering the true bad guy who play Phezzan/Terraist Church in the series begins to make his move in grand scale. The original Novel is still ongoing for almost 20 years already but someday if the novelization finished i wished it got the animation treatment that it deserves just like LOGH. Overall the OVA is great to watch despite it gets a cliffhanger ending and just hope the next animation treatment would be longer than 6 OVAs episodes.

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