Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

Since the PS3 version of Project Diva F is coming i am thinking to write articles about the Project Diva F on Vita. I am not particularly follower of Vocaloid though i have been playing the series since the first Project Diva on PSP.  I had to say Project Diva F is one of the best game on PSVita currently and if you like Rhythm game you may give this a try. From what i see the greatest improvement of this game is the graphic which is quite breathtaking compared to the PSP project divas and there are plenty of beautiful Modules for your Vocaloid to equip with. The game is abit different with DJ Max series but expect some challenges on Hard or Extreme mode of the songs and good luck attempting for Perfect rating. The songs on Project Diva F are quite nice though i am not that particularly fond of with most of the Miku's song compared to the previous game. Personally i think Kagamine Rin got the best overall song in Project Diva F and wished the rest of the vocaloid other than Miku got more than 2 songs. The PS3 version of F got 5 more songs though i don't think i will be interested on those but the Snow Miku is very tempting and i maybe tempted to get it which cost 300 yen. Anyway as closing this post i am listing the songs that i like in Project Diva F and here are some more screenshots from the game(still wonder Miku's Innocence haven't got any Nendos)!

-Weekender Girl
-Rimocon/Remote Control(written by Jesus lol)
- Freely Tomorrow
-Nostalogic(pretty awesome if Meiko sounds like that)

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