Saturday, September 28, 2013

Muvluv Alternative Chronicles 3

Since Muvluv Alternative Chronicles 4 is coming up i think i should write a coverage about Muvluv Alternatives Chronicles 3 but more like the TDA segment since i haven't read the 2nd story of Alt Chronicles 3. I will also cover some part of the story in TDA 01 from Alt Chronicles 2 since i haven't covered them in my previous posts and it doesn't make any sense if i jumped straight through TDA 02. Overall TDA 02 is really weak story and the action sequence is subpar compared to Alternative but hopefully Alt Chronicles 4 would be less disappointing.

Please consider that this post will contain some spoiler and tread with your own discretion.

TDA 00 marks the existence of BETA still exist in Unlimited verse after massive G-bombing by United States toward BETA hives in an operation called Operation Babylon which got the name changed after the failure. So TDA 01 expands the setting post Alternative V world where only North American continent become the sole inhabitable place in the world and the territory divided into 4 nations which include Japan, France, Canada and United states and yet again Canada and France is hostile with United States due to various reasons. The story of TDA 01 takes on the perspective of an Imperial Japan TSF Squad Leader, 1st Liutenant Tatsunami Hibiki which begins with his engagement of BETA on the coast where he took in some Eishis from Carronade squad into his squads as 2 of Carronade members died during the BETA engagement including the leader. Later after succesful engagement with BETA, Hibiki with his surviving team member Sendou Yuzuka and the surviving Carronade member who are Miono Shizuku and Ellen Ace formed a new TSF Squad called Wardogs under supervision of Jinguuji Marimo(Takeru's teacher) who is now hold position as Major in Imperial Japan. Long story short  the TDA 01 mainly covers the condition of Imperial Japan which is given Seattle as territory from US and the living conditions is rather poor as rations are in shortage and the standard age for Eishi induction are lowered as low as 13 years old added with lack of simulator machine leads to lower quality of the Eishi. At the end of the VN there is another BETA invasion where Laser class and Fort Class BETA joined into the fray and when situation looks hopeless, Marimo decided to destroy the Carrier class by detonating S-11 bomb hidden in her TSF sacrificing herself in the process but Hibiki saves the day by slamdunking the S-11 bomb right at the mouth of the Carrier class preventing Marimo to commit suicide.

Then TDA02 shortly continue the story from TDA01 where Hibiki is hailed as hero and Marimo got demoted due to her use of S-11 during previous engagement and she is replaced by Komaki(Sagiri's partner in Alternative. in TDA02 the TSF engagements are mainly against TSF and practically none BETA engagement(if i am correct the BETA encounters are just simulations). TDA02 unveils Hibiki dark past where he joined in TSF Squad as a part of joint alliance between Japan and US against French Canada where he find their Kagerous slaughtered by Rafale and Hibiki's squad got stranded in the enemy's territory and died one by one until him and Suzuka only survived from the 10000km journey. in TDA02 Miono tries to overcome her fear with Laser Class BETA while it appears that Ellen Ace is not the real Ellen. In TDA02 Imperial Japan managed to complete their synthetic food factory which would resolved the food shortage issue but unfortunately the factory got hijacked by terrorist which occupy even the stationed TSF, some Wadatsumis(or Sting Rays) which proved to formidable opponent against Shiranui. Shortly after the factory incident, the uneasy truce between America/Japan and French/Canada breaks as each faction TSFs shoot each other and apparently Sagiri is in France TSF Squad with Rafale for some reason who got some cool fight scenes with Walken in his F-22. So Hibiki under the request of the IJ shogun(Meiya herself) try to make ceasefire with the food factory tech as the bargaining chip and managed to resume the ceasefire. Near the end of TDA02 Imperial Japan Royal Guards are plotting something and they have the railgun tech apparently Takeru is now part of the Royal Guard who will play some role in the next TDA.

Basically that's the main outline of TDA01&02 not to detailed but that's the general plot of both stories.

I wonder what he has seen....

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