Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lego Hyaku Shiki Review

From some lineup called Diamond Blocks

 Last WeekendI went to Hongqiao Market which is a popular place for tourist to buy souvenirs in Beijing and i browsed stuffs over there and apparently it is quite a good place to find toys in Beijing. I bought couple of things and one of them is Chinese Lego called Diamond Blocks which comes in Gundam Flavor. I picked Hyaku Shiki since I was a big fan of the mecha and turns out the Lego design is quite good. By no means the sculpting quality is close to the Plamo. However it is impressive enough for a building block. I bought the Hyaku Shiki for 80 RMB which I could have haggled even further but it was worth it already and probably sometime I will get the rest as well which there are 5 left and would have been impressive if there were more designs

1 comment:

  1. Looks cool! It's like a Hyaku Shiki Nano blok - third party to avoid paying for license.