Saturday, September 27, 2014

The reason why Guilty Crown fails

 Didn't watch this much hyped anime when it was released few years ago until now which i can see why people are disappointed with this anime. To sum it up the main issue that comes with Guilty Crown is because this project is way too ambitious and thus fails to deliver in the end and if you ask how bad the series fail it is as terrible as or even worse compared to Valvrave. To be fair Guilty Crown had a chance to be a good anime since it has good pieces, but somehow when the pieces are stringed along it falls apart because execution is terrible. Thus what causes this series goes wrong is basically people problem as the staff behind Guilty Crown are not good enough to use the pieces.

The first 12 episodes went just fine but from episode 13 onward there on the anime just went downward spiral with horrible trainwreck until the end. I think most people watch Guilty Crown for Inori considering her design is a rarity but her character execution is just not good enough. From what i get Inori's character is supposed to be an empty shell who slowly regains her conscience but again terrible execution failed this part. As for Shu or more known as Shoe he is just Beta protagonist and nothing more considering he lose the chance to redeem himself in the end. In conclusion what makes Guilty Crown set itself apart from other wasted potentials(which Japan anime industry got a lot by this point) is because it got huge amount of budgets and supposedly solid staffs but doesn't prevent itself to fail miserably. But to me GC shows me that 95% of Japanese anime with High School setting doesn't deliver btw Inori's GSC figure are gorgeous tho.

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