Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

It has been few years since i read Muvluv but i think i haven't discussed about Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien which is some of the reason that makes me go read Muvluv. I don't really exactly remember this anime anymore but certainly it leaves a memorable remark on me. Unlike Muvluv which got Lighthearted Drama, KGNE had very heavy duty Love Triangle and Mature drama which sets it apart from other Slice of Life. The story is basically about 2 best friends Haruka and Mitsuki who had a crush on the same person but Mitsuki let Haruka confess to Takayuki. While her relationship is abit rocky at first, Haruka gets on really well with the Takayuki until one day she got into serious accident that leads her to coma. Long story short years passed as Mitsuki become Takayuki's lover in Haruka's stead which started when Takayuki goes very Heartbroken due to Haruka's accident and now Haruka awake again from her long years of coma which starts the stormy love triangle that no matter how it ends up everyone will always get hurt and thats what makes KGNE so appealing.

For a Slice of Life the drama in Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is quite heart wrenching and tearjerking sometimes and you can find it easily relevant because the cause and effect of the decision in this series are rather realistic. The songs too from the anime are very emotional and i think Minami Kuribayashi best songs are from this series. Again in this post i will use the opportunity talk abit about Muvluv, considering KGNE had some ties with it even though not directly related. I used to like Muvluv until it becomes piles of abomination that is tryhard and pretentious which what the series become after Alternative. Extra/Unlimited is very enjoyable experience and Alternative too though it is the point where it begins to show up its defects. Anyway if you read Muvluv before you should go watch KGNE if you haven't and don't skip the OP and ED to experience a journey full of emotions! Also watch the OVA if u want Haruka Ending

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