Thursday, January 1, 2015

LOZ Diamond Block Pokemon Series

Might add lego tag eventually

After the Diamond blocks Hyakushiki, it brings me to awareness that China got some nice toys even though not original and Diamond blocks is one of them manufactured by LOZ. Compared to Legos they are much cheaper and those pokemons nanoblocks you can get it $3 a pop in Taobao. There are 8 variations of Pokemon legos but i only bothered to get 4 since the other ones doesnt have matching set yet. I will not add Pokemon tag in my blog since i have graduated from that series ever since i followed it from the first gen and find it pointless to go further as Pokemon is too monotonic for me and never bothered to appreciate their older fans.

I got Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu as it reminds me of my old Pokemon Yellow team since you get to use all 3 starters on that game unlike Blue or Red. Compared to that upcoming Pokecenter lego set i think LOZ do much better than that half baked attempt of the poke sculpture by Lego.

Some more Group Shots

Replicating the first battle in Pokemon Red

Which one would you pick?
Mystery Dungeon Party!

 If you happen to be shopping in China and find this stuff try to get the price for 15 kuai which probably some vendor will gladly give if you buy in bulk, but 20 is usually good enough price from retail i would say.


  1. Veri adorable ain't they. Think they are third party product of Nano Blok.

  2. Yes i think it is the cheaper alternative for Nano blok which i have seen in Kino