Friday, January 16, 2015

MH4U Demo thoughts

When some Some European hunters got their MH4U demo i was kinda jelly and want to get one too but finally got mine yesterday from nintendo newsletter and downloaded it straight away. For a demo MH4U is really good much better than MH3U one from what i know. The demo got 3 monsters to fight with different difficulties and so far i have tried SnS, Gunlance, LS and Lance. I would say i am glad that the main weapons i use still remain mostly the same with addition of new moves or two and jumping attacks. Riding mechanics is quite easy to learn but i find this one works best for multiplayer as it gives opportunity to render the monster helpless for brief time while giving other hunters some breathing space while someone ride the monster, don't hit the riding hunter though.

I have beaten all the monster and my thoughts about them is Jaggi is still a punching bag while Tetsucabura is pushover and roughly as tough as early bird wyverns or other pelagus. Then fought Gore Magara which is interesting fight and it is kinda like mini Kushala though the feral form is very tough and the way it fight is like somewhere in between Tigrex and Zinogre. I will definitely get MH4U and probably going to use 3 characters just like MH3U and Lance will be still my main character's weapon.


  1. Hey dude, I'm in Sydney. Big MHU fan, keen for a link up if you still play it on WiiU. Email me your details at Cheers!

  2. you can find a local facebook group for MH to get some meetup