Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kiseijuu / Parasyte

Last post for this 2014! I like Historie but i never know the author wrote another great manga before! If you ask me how good Kiseijuu is? it is as good as Naoki Urasawa scifi work. From few pages i already knew it was the work of Histories's author. Kiseijuu is a story about interaction between a teenage boy and parasitic alien creature that failed to hijack his body. The aliens aimed to destroy humanity but among that we find that friendship transcends race and this makes powerful message from the manga aside environmental issue that the manga addressed as well. The manga is not overly complicated but very clever in delivering the stories. I gotta respect the mangaka since he could pull gory stuff very well to without overdoing it. While it is abit different with Historie it is a solid manga and you will like it too if you are sci-fi horror fan.

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