Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bio Meat: Nectar

Probably the only post for this month since i am too distracted with monster hunter over this past 2 weeks. Suprisingly decent apocalyptic manga which features monstrous creature. Marathoned the manga in a day and i would say don't be fooled by the cover. Bio Meat takes place in modern era where human civilization began to face food shortage issue thus bio engineers create artifical creature called Bio-Meat that feed on waste as a sustenance while remain palatable thus providing efficient meat source. However it turns out the Bio-Meat is very dangerous creation of human as it runs amok and feed on human themselves and the story focus on the group of kids who survived through the ordeals that lead to great catastrophe. Pandora Box fits the theme of this manga really well, the disaster happens due to the stupidity of human which could have been easily averted but through the disaster it is the courage of the few that allows them to survive. This is one of the few shonen manga that shows the development character of the youth quite well. For a comparison i would say Bio Meat is somewhere in between Kiseijuu and Drifting Classroom, the threat of Bio meat has escalated further than Kiseijuu but it is not as severe as Drifting classroom where the civilization basically went extinct already. If you like aforementioned title you should give this one a read.

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