Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tsuyokute New Saga

Another promising JRPG manga that i found when lurking /a/ today and just like most of the genre manga i discussed so far, it is also based from light novel. Tsuyokute or be Stronger is about a Hero who fought against Demon King and defeated him with a great cost losing all his allies and lovers, before he become unconscious he reached out to the magical artifact that the Demon Lord protecting and found himself warped back to the past. With this circumstances which is basically New Game+ the Hero tries to prevent the tragedy to occur again and will he manage to succeed? I find the series to be promising but wonder once the plot device dries out will Tsuyokute be consistent or will it end up to be generic Shonen manga, and i think it really depends on the Author's capability to expand the universe of the series. Love triangle is kinda staple for this genre and i find the elf chick and the hero pairing reminds me of Parn and Deedlit from Lodoss Senki. I still wonder what is the significance of the black feather though i doubt the Hero and the Demon Lord is the same guy but i think Hero could be one in the future just like one from Rance verse.

link for the LN translation

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  1. Magic and sorcery always appeal to me. Lodoss is a great anime of my time. Tsuyokute New Saga drawing kind of reminded me of Dragon Quest as well.